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First find out the location of your PUBLIC meeting place (no hotels). Next email us the address, date, and any other details. Then Madam Laurie emails you real pictures so you can pick a suitable match.

All escorts are over 18 years old.

What to Expect

Service ranges from $600-$1,000, with a third of the total charging to your card. Cash is paid to your date at initial meeting, then enjoy your time together!

Most customers book dinner reservations, and we give the reservation name and location to the dancer. Our midget escorts start at $3,000.

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20 Years in Adult Entertainment

Quality dates for all occasions


Conversation with beauty over some food and drink.

Experience emotional support, companionship, and intimate chat.

Choose formal, casual, or seductive (skin showing) attire.


A professional date puts you in a position of power.

Project a sense of security, stability, and commitment.

A professional escort for photos, meet & greet, presentations, or business meetings.


Show off to your friends, colleagues, or make your ex jealous.

Enrich your social life and expand your network of influence.

Impress others with a successful relationship.

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You’re bored, wealthy, and adventurous. Midgets turn heads.

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