A Few Interesting Facts About Female Strippers

Most of us can admit that enjoy the entertainment provided by hot female strippers. Whether we take an evening to watch them at a club or we’re hiring them specifically for a wedding or bachelor party. What could possibly make us enjoy them even more?

Veronica is an austin female stripper

Austin female stripper veronica knows how to have some good ole texas fun!

Perhaps learning a few facts that you didn’t know before. So we’ve gathered a few fun, interesting, and sometimes surprising facts about real bachelor party strippers.

1. Most Strippers Pay To Work Their Job

Imagine going into work at the office on Friday morning. Upon arrival, the boss tells you that you owe a $150 house fee for working in the office that day. You’ll also need to tip all of the other support workers in the building. You’d probably quit that job immediately and find employment elsewhere. Unfortunately, this is the reality of working at a strip club for many exotic dancers.

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Austin strippers for hire

Most female strippers are expected to pay a house-fee just for the right to dance on the stage on a particular night. They are also expected to pay the DJ, the wait staff, and any other support workers. It can easily cost more than $200 to work any given night. And what if the dancer doesn’t that much money in tips from the customers? That means she actually just lost money for the night.

Many of us have heard the stories of bachelor party strippers who make hundreds or thousands of dollars a night. And this is certainly possible. But keep in mind that it’s entirely up to you, as the customer, whether that happens or not. So don’t be greedy the next time you’re at the strip club. A few dollars could be the difference between losing money and making money for the night.

This is what happens when you order a stripper to your private party

Order a stripper for some real party action

2. Roughly 60 Percent Of Female Strippers Have A Second Job

Working as an exotic dancer has lucrative potential, but it’s often considered unreliable. Many female strippers are working to put their way through college so that they can pursue a different career. Meanwhile, roughly 60 percent of dancers already have a second job. A recent study revealed teaching to be the most popular secondary job with 14 percent of female strippers working as teachers during the day.

What does this mean for you? It means that you should show a little patience at the next parent-teacher conference. There’s a possibility that the teacher just spent a long night working a second job. And if you remember from the previous point, she may have actually lost money. However, it’s generally not a good idea to ask people if they work a second job as a stripper.

3. Female Strippers Dominate The Industry

If you’re reading this article specifically because it’s about female strippers, then you may not be interested in male strippers at all. It turns out that most people aren’t. There are certainly plenty of male strippers who have lucrative careers. However, they account for only 8 percent of the entire industry.

That’s a huge difference. Just to give some perspective, let’s look at a few other career options with large differences between the number of men and women working.

  • – Nurses: 90 percent women
  • – Maids (housekeeping): 89.6 percent women
  • – Library Assistants: 86.2 percent women
  • – Preschool/Kindergarten Teachers: 97.5 percent women

As you can see, there are other industries dominated by female workers as well. Some of them have even fewer males working than the stripper industry. But that doesn’t make those numbers any less impressive. Will the men ever rise to claim a larger piece of the stripper pie? Only time will tell, but it seems unlikely.

Reese will enjoy taking your bride to be at your bachelor party

Reese will enjoy taking your bride to be at your bachelor party

4. Exotic Female Dancers Fight Hard For Their Rights

If you’ve ever seen a dancer turn upside down on a pole, then you know how strong real female strippers can be. But they possess more than just physical strength. They possess a great amount of determination as well as a strong desire to be treated equally in the workplace. That’s why many of them spend a lot of time fighting for their rights in the workplace.

Strip clubs are notorious for managing every aspect of a female stripper’s career while also paying them essentially nothing. They try to enjoy the benefits of hiring an independent contractor while also treating them as employees. The major problem with that approach is that employees should be guaranteed minimum wage and other potential benefits, which dancers often are not.

Holy trinity what a sexy bachelor party dancer

Holy trinity what a sexy bachelor party dancer

Many dancers have spent years filing lawsuits against these clubs and taking their cases to court. And in many instances, they have emerged victorious. This has led to serious changes in the industry that benefit the dancers as well as the customers.

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Now You Know

You can now consider yourself an official stripper expert. Just don’t use these facts to impress the next stripper you hire for a bachelor party. Instead, just focus on the fantasy of the moment and tip generously to help overcome the struggles that these dancers face daily.

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