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Hunks & Babes has male midget strippers and female midget strippers (little person strippers) available for hire.
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Why Midgets?

This is the ultimate hypnotic adventure you can gift your guests, and be forever remembered as a legendary party host. What are you waiting for? Tickle your curiosity kink with a spellbinding strip tease from a midget stripper.

Dwarf Stripper Video Testimonial

Experience the fun

Sassie Cassie is the BEST and definitely gave my son a birthday party to remember!! She was just awesome. She interacted with everyone there and had everyone screaming and laughing with her WILD performance!! Music was great, dancing was great, and her party tricks were fun!!

Thanks for everything Cassie!

Julia R.

21st birthday party


HB stripper agency is the Leader in Midget Entertainment

Tiny bodies for huge parties


Choose from over a dozen dwarfs with pictures and videos.

Easy to use booking service shows you availability.

More pictures available upon request.


Secure our little person dancer for your event with a card deposit.

Lock in your date with the entertainment you want.

Midget airfare and hotel costs are included.


Form a core memory alongside your friends and guests.

Mini dancers bring music, costume, and a fully composed strip routine.

Impress friends, attract new customers, or simply have fun!
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Our midgets fly out to your party and strip.

Here is what you get with our midget strippers

Your midget stripper arrives with everything they need to provide you with a completely entertaining experience.

They also arrive with music, costumes, and a fully choreographed strip routine.

Moreover, each little entertainer makes sure you and your guests have the time of your lives.

Begin by simply selecting any midget stripper below. Then book your favorite.

The price you see already includes flying your midget dancer out to your location. See midget escorts.

Looking for a midget male stripper? See below.

Also see female midget strippers like Sadie.

Female Midget Strippers for Hire

Hunks & Babes offers you some of the most famous female midget strippers (aka little person dancers) around. Are you ready for the RAREST & MOST AWESOME entertainment possible?

Male Midget Strippers for Hire

Hunks & Babes has the best male midget strippers in the United States including Leezy, Christoph and others. Our little person strippers were previously only available to corporate events and celebrity/pro athlete parties. Now anyone can experience this extraordinary performance from our little people dancers.

Find a Midget Stripper Near You

Additionally, our all-inclusive price includes all midget travel expenses and logistics, so you can focus on having the most EPIC party ever! Here are a few major cities we frequently travel to:

Hunks & Babes CAN send a midget exotic dancer to your party ANYWHERE in the USA – Simply contact us for a FREE Price Quote – (we just need your party date + location)

Depending on where you live, it might be cheaper to host your party near where one of our dwarf strippers live. In this case, you would need to contact us for availability.

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How to Plan When Booking Midget Strippers

In addition to having clearer expectations when booking a midget stripper, you will also learn some insight before you make a purchase.

First, you need to set your budget. If price is an issue, stick with a regular exotic dancer. If your party is in a city where our little person talent does not reside, the cost gets significantly higher. As a result, prices range greatly when you include travel accommodations.

You must contact us for availability and get a price quote. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY. Price is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

More on Midget Dancer Pricing

So who pays thousands for a midget stripper? Firstly, Hunks & Babes has the same low agency fee for midget strippers as we do for our regular dancers. This means over 90% of the cost pays for the actual entertainment.

For example, our customer paid $2100 for a show in Billings, Montana. From that total, $1,975 goes to pay the little person in addition to hotel & airfare.

Hunks & Babes takes care of everything, including coordinating the hotel and flights. This way you can relax and enjoy your extra rare party entertainment.

The Common Bait & Switch Midget Stripper Story

Unfortunately, about once a month, we have customers request same day (last minute) service for little person strippers. Notably, other stripping agencies are the cause by promising you a cheap midget stripper.

Seems like a bargain deal when a dwarf stripper costs the same as a normal stripper, right? So who shows up at your door? A regular dancer instead! Ugh!

Furthermore, your guests have been waiting, it’s late, and you have no other entertainment since you put all your hopes into this midget stripper arriving at your party.

As a result, customers frequently contact us to get an emergency replacement little person stripper (which is how we hear about these stories). Consequently, we cannot book same day flights to get you a little person stripper on short notice.

We need at least a 24-hour notice to schedule your midget stripper in the USA. However, we need a few days notice should you need a midget stripper internationally, and the minimum price is $8,000 USD. So if you really want a little person stripper anywhere worldwide, simply reach out to us and we can make it happen!

There are many reasons why hiring a midget stripper may or may not work for you, but you can make certain a bait and switch will NOT be one of them.

St. Patrick’s Day Midget Strippers

Yes! We have little person dancers who also dress in leprechaun costumes!

This package is almost exclusively booked by businesses like bars looking to hire St. Patty’s Day midget entertainment for their customers.

Business owners share similar feedback on how our little person entertainers bring in record business. They would easily pay double what we charge. Some bars also report attracting new regular customers.

If you are a business owner, please contact us for more info. Then order a proven way to boost your revenue.

St patricks leprechaun midget strippers - midget strippers

Frequently Asked Midget Stripper Questions

Here are top questions we get:

Is it worth the money to hire midget strippers?

Yes, it is truly a unique experience! Having a little person strip tease is something you will always remember. Most of the cost goes to paying the entertainer including the travel expenses.

Some Hunks & Babes midget exotic dancers travel up to 1,100 miles! We are one of they few agencies that can provide this special service to private parties.

Why can’t you lower the price on little person dancers?

Sometimes midget strippers travel with a bodyguard, but not always. Another factor is we only employ 1 or 2 little person strippers in each major city. This short supply and the fact that little person entertainers are in high demand are the reason prices are where they need to be.

As a result, our little person talent will only perform at your party for the price we quote you, Consequently, the only way to get a lower price is if you personally know the dwarf entertainer.

How much time do I need to hire midget entertainment?

You need to reserve any midget strippers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We need at least a 24 hour notice to schedule dwarf entertainment. It takes a huge effort from our staff to ensure your party goes smoothly.

Don’t wait, get started NOW. Please visit our contact page and provide us with details about your party.

Do I really get the midget pictured?

We guarantee all of our midgets. All pictures are of midgets who work for us.

Furthermore, Hunks & Babes Strippers has been in business since 2002 and employs over 12 exclusive midget entertainers. No other company has the resources or expertise to make your party happen.

Do dwarf dancers have sex?

NO. None of our employees escort. Besides being illegal in nearly all jurisdictions, Hunks & Babes does not advocate the moral, ethical, or emotional degradation of human beings. Please leave our site if this is your intent.

Can I pay for the midget’s travel out of pocket?

Our agency fee (the amount we make) is almost the same price as when you order a regular dancer. Additionally, most customers book within days of their event, which gives us short time to reserve airfare and hotel. This reason results in higher travel costs. Since HB handles bookings immediately, we do not allow customers to plan travel.

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