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  1. I booked Brandon for my best friends bachelorette party 6/4 and he was AMAZING! Our bride was rather shy, and he was great at making sure she was comfortable…. but was also rowdy with those of us (me) who wanted it 😉 We ALL got cards because we would recommend him to anyone looking!

  2. Jason’s strip performance at the bachelorette party was thrilling! His eminent stage presence and notable dance prowess were captivating. Though there were some parts that weren’t as fluid, his overall performance was nonetheless engaging and brought an extra dose of fun to the evening. He surely earns four stars for his spirited demeanor and skill!

  3. Rodeo wasn’t your ordinary male stripper, even his swagger radiated confidence before he even moved. Once the music hit, he changed the atmosphere and made sure everyone was smiling. Thanks for the awesome time, you made our bachelorette happy!

How to Get Your Party Ready for Toledo Strippers in Four Steps

The best way to get the most for your dollar when ordering Toledo strippers is to follow these easy guidelines.

Hiring adult entertainment can be cumbersome and confusing. Especially when it comes to pricing. You will find booking exotic dancers for your event is cheaper than you think.

Its also easier than visiting any Toledo strip clubs regardless of crowd size. The following steps will ensure maximum involvement of your guests and peak entertainment from your dancer.

First step: Secure a private party location that accepts Toledo bachelor party strippers.

You will be happy to find that some establishments will not allow full or partial nudity. Some don’t allow it even in private rooms. Discovering this information after your party guests arrive will be disheartening.

Not to mention it will suck the energy from your planned evening. Simply tell the truth when reserving a private room at a bar. Any venue that you will be having a professional striptease from hot Toledo strippers.

A majority of bachelorette parties occur inside hotel rooms and get very loud. Noise is the number one reason a party at a hotel will get expelled.

A simple suggestion is to let the hotel concierge know you will be having a loud celebration so that they can accommodate your request beforehand. You must pay the exotic dancer before they begin.

Consequently if your party stops for any reason after the entertainer begins the show, you lose that money.

If you are throwing a Toledo bachelor party, the best place to have it is inside a garage or family room. Be sure to have plenty of seating such as folding chairs if holding the party in your garage.

Not only will you save hundreds of dollars on liquor expenses, you will have more privacy for the female stripper(s) to perform a wild strip show.

There are laws in Toledo that may prevent certain levels of nudity that will hinder the integrity of the show.

Always remember that extra cash and tipping management could help them look the other way.


He was featured as a centerfold in 2008 playgirl magazine!

Second step: Equip your guests with dollars for tipping Toledo bachelorette party strippers.

It is important to understand that strippers have multi levels of entertainment. This means larger tips cause a more entertaining show. The base fee covers a standard strip show unless you pre-book a high level of service through the website such as a fantasy show.

The basic routine of any exotic dancer includes involving the guest of honor first with special attention to embarrassing him or her.

The entertainer then continues to involve other willing guests and concludes a final dance for the guest of honor. Special acts or tricks require additional tipping that the performer may verbally indicate or imply a specific price. Most people have larger bills on them to accommodate more expensive stripper tricks.

If you are the planner, it is wise to go to the bank and get at least 10 singles for every person attending your private party so you can cash in their larger bills for your smaller bills.

This service is a great convenience for your guests and ensures a smooth transition from arrival to celebration mode. Planning ahead avoids stress which can kill a vibe quickly.


One of our wildest strippers in columbus, tori is unpredictable as she is entertaining.

Third step: Prepare the party room.

Making a checklist is particularly useful when planning an off location event. Most stripper parties will have decorations and games for the girls to play. There are a few things that are necessary for all party types to ensure a smooth performance.

Make sure you have abundant seating for all of your guests. Larger crowds cannot see the performance if the entertainer is on the ground while everyone else is standing. It is more common for Toledo female strippers to perform on the ground.

Creating a circle of folding chairs around a flat carpeted surface is an ideal setup for a strip show performance. Additional guests can always stand behind persons sitting in the chairs and still get a good view of the dancer.

Toledo male strippers use a hot seat method which requires a solid chair without arms on it. Your guests can sit on beds, sofas, crates, but be sure there is a folding chair style seat in the middle of the room for the dancer to use. If you are in a hotel, request the concierge to bring up an extra chair.

Every single stripper carries their own music and needs an AC outlet to plug in their radio. It may be helpful to supply an extension cord to optimally position their music so everyone can hear.

Shot glasses, liquor, whipped cream, Jell-O, pudding, oil, or a special stripper costume you would like your entertainer to wear should be accessible before they arrive. Most dancers have other shows to attend to before and after yours so time management is critical.

Fourth and final step: Have fun and enjoy yourself also!

Hosting a stripper event in Toledo can be stressful and take away from your enjoyment if you let it. Hopefully these steps in combination with careful planning will take the worry out of your guests having fun so you can enjoy it with them. You can still join the fun activities also without diverting too much attention from the honored guest.

Do not regret sitting on the sidelines watching all of your friends having fun while you can take part in making memories to last you a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When searching strippers for hire near me...

Q: How much does it cost to hire exotic dancers?

The average price is $300 not including tips. Your actual total depends on any upgrades and how far your party location is.

Q: What are some crazy bachelorette party games?

Top 6 games are: Newlywed Game, Scavenger Hunt, "Drink If" Game, Lingerie Shower Bingo, Suck-for-a-Buck, and Bachelorette Jenga.

Q: How do I make a bachelor party more exciting?

Avoid planning a regular night out. Get the bachelor’s bucket-list of things HE wants to do but never has, and start there. Also keep your plans top secret because anticipation is part of the experience.

Q: How much is a lap dance at a strip club?

Most lap dances cost around $20 and last about 2+ minutes.

Q: How much do female dancers make?

“On a good weekend I make $1250 plus tips, averaging about $60,000 a year. I mostly just work on Saturdays” - Holly (works at private strip club)

Q: Which dance parties does your agency provide service for?

Any and every occasion including: Bachelor, Bachelorette, Birthdays, Divorce Party, and Office Parties. The first 3 cover 98% of all our bookings.

We cover Bowling Green, Washington Township, Holland, Whitehouse, Lake Township, Waterville, Maumee, Walbridge, Millbury, Sylvania, Monclova Township, Springfield Township, Northwood, Rossford, Oregon, Perrysburg, and Ottawa Hills with female or male Toledo strippers.