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Top 7 Tips Hiring Seattle Bachelorette Party Strippers.

Are you looking to host the wildest private party including some of the hottest exotic dancers Seattle has to offer? Look no further because when it comes to hiring the best Seattle strippers for bachelor or bachelorette parties use Hunks & Babes when only the best will do.

With many rookie party planners booking their first exotic dancer in Seattle, it is important to utilize the following tips to ensure both parties are happy and your night is successful.

You can use one or all of these tips when ordering adult entertainment for your private bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday party. If anything, this information will give you excellent insight into an unfamiliar adult industry.

Tip #1 Spend time and thoroughly investigate the company you wish to do business with.

Here’s a big secret: Male strippers in Seattle are independent contractors who are free to work with any adult agency they choose. Ordering private party strippers online is not regulated or monitored by any group or agency and most likely never will be.

It is up to consumers like you to report any wrongdoing or misrepresentation to social media or complaint websites. However, when researching your favorite online stripping agency, please keep in mind that reviews both good and bad could be written by competitors instead of real customers.

Tip #2 Compare photos of dancers in different regions within the same company website.

Newer agencies that try to expand into other cities they do not have coverage in copy and paste their exotic dancers who only work in one city. Stripping agencies have the same dancer for you to choose from. Employee turnover is also fairly high so you run into the risk of ordering a stripper who no longer works for the company.

Tip #3 Look for improper grammar, misspelled words, and mismatched exotic dancer stage names.

Most prices for ordering exotic dancers are competitive and do not fluctuate immensely. However, the overall cost of hiring a private dancer is expensive and premium quality service is expected. What kind of service should you expect from a company that does not maintain the quality of their own website?

Tip #4 Research using search engines and type in the company name or stage name with city.

It is common to use Google or Yahoo to research reputation and reliability. Most customers do not consider actually typing in an exotic dancer’s stage name + Seattle. You may be shocked to find the female or male stripper you’re looking at is actually much older than the pictures provided or that they work for multiple agencies.

You may find comments on the actual dancer themselves and get a good grasp as to the authenticity of their entertainment. See if you can find the time-stamp on the most recent comment and if it is longer than one year, chances are that guy or girl does not work anymore.

Tip #5 Find reviews or social media comments on all of the male strippers in Seattle you’re looking to order.

To coincide with tip number four, you may stumble across the Facebook page of a Seattle stripper. Of course these pages can be monitored and changed to mold the desirable image and gain more business. It is difficult to create hundreds of fake profiles and like your page or even write detailed comments.

There are even stripper LinkedIn profiles that you can look over. Be careful just like ordering entertainment off of Craigslist, you do not know who are want will show up at your door to your event. Please use social media only as a method of research and not for contacting the exotic dancer.

There have been cases of police sting operations arresting non-suspecting customers using other websites to hire disguised escorts. Just be safe and order from Hunks & Babes. None of our dancers escort and pass a rigid quality standards test.

Tip #6 Uncover the truth about Seattle female exotic dancers.

If you’re having a Seattle bachelor party and planning on having the hottest girls parading around in their sexiest lingerie, you might be correct. The breathtaking supermodel type strippers that rate over the 10+ scale usually are not doing toy shows for cheap tips.

The upper echelons of exotic dancers know they do not have to get nasty dirty to get your money. They will work at the busiest Seattle strip clubs to maximize their exposure to as many hungry men as they can.

Guys will empty their wallet simply to just be in the presence of this dream girl. If this is what you are looking for, then go visit a gentlemen’s club! You are sure to find the dirtiest girl that will perform tricks that will be seared into your mind’s eye forever. You want to see, hear, and smell things that you may never experience again in your lifetime.

You want a trained female stripper who not only knows what you like, but how to give it to you. The girl that is most likely to perform this ultimate strip show does not look like a supermodel. Ordering from a website that shows all playboy model quality photos should throw up a red flag to you.

Top Reasons to Hire Seattle Male Strippers from HB Entertainment

Seattle bachelorette party strippers from hb are the best male strippers for hire.

Consider a package that unwraps itself. A package so large, you need your friends to help you. You want an amazing party? Then you need to order our amazing team of dancers. Double or triple your wildness with male strippers who know how to get the job done. Your friends will hug you after a performance from a certified Hunk.

Lap dances for everyone? You got it! This is a ‘hands on’ experience everyone can enjoy. More strippers means more time enjoying the moment and less time worrying about life’s daily stresses. You’ve worked hard so why not order 2 male strippers for an extraordinary night?

A majority of female customers order only one male because it is their first time ordering. They are always concerned with the total cost instead of the once in a lifetime experience. You will do well with one of our Hunks, so we are offering a discount on two or more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring male strippers from HB...

Q: Why order here?

1. SUPPORT We have your back all the way up to your party night. If there is an issue, we are here!

2. TRUST Know who you are getting. We only employ outstanding male strippers and use real photos.

3. TRUE COST Your total price is known at checkout with no surprise fees at the door.

Some competitors 'include' tips, however, they cheat their dancers by taking half.

Q: Do you price match?

Most agencies do NOT disclose to you their hidden at-the-door fees (this usually doubles your total price). This means when you see a website advertising a male stripper for $50, they arrive demanding an additional $200 'mandatory tip' before performing.

Hunks & Babes is transparent and has NO hidden costs. Our agency fee is the lowest in the country, and we stand behind our quality.

No other agency comes close to what we offer. This is because we pay our girls 75% of the total when the industry norm only pays 25%! We do this so you get the talent you expect.

We never collect money from our dancers, so they are motivated to give you their best. Every party, every time.

Q: How do I order?

1. Select a bachelorette party stripper
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