Chicago Bachelorette Party Strippers

Firstly, our Chicago male strippers always arrive ready to entertain.

Therefore, they bring everything they need to provide you with the best experience.

Your chosen party stripper Hunk brings a radio, costume, and also a fun attitude!

Select your Hunk and book him now!

Here is What you Get with Our Male Dancers

In addition to being professional, his routine can be mild or wild to meet the expectations of your guests.

A standard show includes your stripper dancing and teasing your guest of honor. He will then interact with your guests because audience participation is included. Secondly, our expert bachelorette party strippers put on a tasteful strip show in their thong. At this point, fully nude is optional at an extra cost.

For this reason, you can decide when he arrives. If this is your first time planning a bachelorette party, you will do rather well with the standard show.

Our Hunky male strippers are available for any occasion, not just bachelorette parties. Please read the reviews of all the possible candidates before choosing. Hence, some Chicago male strippers can be cocky, arrogant and a pain to work with. Therefore, we immediately take strippers off the site who get 3 complaints or bad reviews.

Our strict policy ensures Chicago bachelorettes have a fun and engaging male party stripper. Therefore, the focus is on the guest of honor and her friends. We thank all of our past bachelorettes who also let us know which of our strippers did not perform well.

Consequently, it is only through the help of our customers that we are able to thin the herd. Our Chicago hunks are the best performing party stripper studs you can hire for your bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party Strippers in Chicago

Our guys are the best of the best male strippers in Chicago. Similarly, they exceed the high quality standards we expect of them. You can rest easy knowing your friends will also love the choice you made.

Finally, consider a package that unwraps itself. A package so large, you need your friends to help you. So you want an amazing party? Then you need to rent our amazing party strippers. Double or triple your wildness with male strippers who know how to get the job done. Your friends will hug you after a performance from a certified party stripper Hunk.

Lap dances for everyone? You got it! This is a ‘hands on’ experience everyone can soon enjoy. More Chicago male strippers means more enjoyment for your girls. This is especially relevant when it’s party night and you need reliable service.

A majority of female customers rent only one bachelorette party stripper because it is their first time ordering in Chi-town. They are always concerned with the total cost instead of the once in a lifetime experience. Most bachelorette parties do well with just one party stripper Hunk performing.

But, if you want the ultimate bachelorette party, rent more than one party stripper.

Live Strip Shows

Male virtual strip shows

FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype with a fully nude Hunk... at half the price!

Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring male strippers from HB...

Q: Why order here?

1. SUPPORT We have your back all the way up to your party night. If there is an issue, we are here!

2. TRUST Know who you are getting. We only employ outstanding male strippers and use real photos.

3. TRUE COST Your total price is known at checkout with no surprise fees at the door.

Some competitors 'include' tips, however, they cheat their dancers by taking half.

Q: Do you price match?

Most agencies do NOT disclose to you their hidden at-the-door fees (this usually doubles your total price). This means when you see a website advertising a male stripper for $50, they arrive demanding an additional $200 'mandatory tip' before performing.

Hunks & Babes is transparent and has NO hidden costs. Our agency fee is the lowest in the country, and we stand behind our quality.

No other agency comes close to what we offer. This is because we pay our girls 75% of the total when the industry norm only pays 25%! We do this so you get the talent you expect.

We never collect money from our dancers, so they are motivated to give you their best. Every party, every time.

Q: How do I order?

1. Select a bachelorette party stripper
2. Choose your party date & time
3. Click 'Book Now'


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