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We have the finest Georgia strippers that travel to all major cities and the surrounding suburbs.

You can hire male or female strippers to travel to your bachelor, bachelorette, birthday or other party.

You can expect quality service at reasonable prices with our party entertainment service and easily book online.

Our friendly staff will also help you decide which dancer fits you best.

In some cases, dancers from other states will drive to your party at an additional cost.

Our staff will let you know which fee applies before ordering.



This highly requested black female stripper in savannah has been performing over 5 years. Perfect for the pickiest friends.

Any Georgia strippers that do not meet our highest standards do not even get a chance with our agency.

Beware that other companies in this industry do not practice this procedure. Many of them will leave up old photos of dancers who no longer strip.

Hiring A Stripper Might Be More Affordable Than You Think

You might think you can’t afford to hire a stripper for the party you’re planning.

Before you rule strippers out, you should take a closer look at what hiring private dancers will cost.

When you visit our stripper agency, you can see exactly what it would cost to book strippers for your event.

You can get information about costs ahead of time and decide what you want to do next.


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You Deserve To Get Your Money’s Worth

If you’re spending money hiring strippers, you shouldn’t be disappointed when the dancers arrive.

You’ll want to feel like you’re getting what you’re paying for. In some cases, it might make sense to spend a little bit more so that you can hire the cream of the crop.

The strippers at Hunks & Babes Entertainment Georgia are a cut above the strippers you can book through a lot of other companies.

All of the dancers are absolutely beautiful, and they all have the experience and personality needed to provide amazing entertainment for an event.

Stripper Service With Style in Georgia

Consequently, it falsely appears as if they have more strippers. Hunks and Babes believes in honest communication with the customer and sets clear expectations with the type of service you need.

We are constantly hiring strippers with experience in Georgia.

At this point we may have more strippers available. So book with us today!

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