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Our girls are the best of the best female strippers in Dallas who exceed the high quality standards we expect of them.

You can relax knowing your guests will love the choice you made.

If this is your first time planning a bachelor party, it is worth ordering the unrestricted Fantasy Show Level.

A standard show includes your female stripper dancing for your guest of honor. She will then interact with your guests and allow some restricted audience participation.

Top Reasons to Hire Dallas Female Strippers from HB Entertainment

Dallas bachelor party strippers from hb are the best female strippers for hire.

Some of our veteran Dallas female strippers have unique talents they can incorporate into their strip shows like the customer story below.

A Compelling Dallas Stripper Story

I’ve always had a fantasy about cheerleaders, so when my friends hired a Dallas female stripper from Hunks & Babes Entertainment to be dressed in cheer-leading costumes for my bachelor party, I went through the roof.

Unbelievably, my friends said that it was no trouble at all and that the agency that they went through was incredibly obliging when it came to filling special requests.

This is why I made sure that I wrote down the name of the agency just in case I ever needed to order female strippers in Dallas for myself.

And just a few months later one of my best friends told me he was getting married and he asked me to be his best man. This left me in charge of planning out his bachelor party.

Now I knew that my friends had went through a lot of trouble to make sure my bachelor party was perfect so it was only fair that I spend as much time and effort on planning his party.

I was determined to get sexy Dallas strippers out to the party and have them so something special for him.

I asked some of my other buddies for some ideas and they really had no idea what to do.

They told me that he didn’t really have any special fantasies so that it would be impossible to have the girls dressed in costume to coincide with his fantasy.

It was then that it dawned on me, instead of fulfilling his fantasy I would have to surprise him.

My friends and I came up with a plan. We rented out our local favorite hangout and arranged to make it look like there was a swimsuit competition taking place.

Since we lived in a popular tourist area there were often special contests and competitions locally where models would come out for some type of contest.

But, just when our buddy started to get comfortably watching the bikini models, they would rip off their clothes and all start fawning all over him. We hoped that he would be completely startled.

So I called up the agency and asked for their five hottest girls. I explained the premise of our ruse to the owner and I also volunteered one of my friends from work to play the MC at the contest and keep it organized.

Girls Gone Wild in Dallas

The girls all showed up with their bikinis on looking toned and tanned in all the right places. My friend introduced each and every girl and they came out and posed in their bikinis. I could tell that my friend had no idea what was about to happen.

And just as it was time to announce the winner the girls stripped off their bikinis and all ran down to my friend tugging at his clothing.

For a minute he was in shock and then he realized that they were strippers and he relished in every second of the rest of the night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When hiring male strippers from HB...

Q: Why order here?

1. SUPPORT We have your back all the way up to your party night. If there is an issue, we are here!

2. TRUST Know who you are getting. We only employ outstanding male strippers and use real photos.

3. TRUE COST Your total price is known at checkout with no surprise fees at the door.

Some competitors 'include' tips, however, they cheat their dancers by taking half.

Q: Do you price match?

Most agencies do NOT disclose to you their hidden at-the-door fees (this usually doubles your total price). This means when you see a website advertising a male stripper for $50, they arrive demanding an additional $200 'mandatory tip' before performing.

Hunks & Babes is transparent and has NO hidden costs. Our agency fee is the lowest in the country, and we stand behind our quality.

No other agency comes close to what we offer. This is because we pay our girls 75% of the total when the industry norm only pays 25%! We do this so you get the talent you expect.

We never collect money from our dancers, so they are motivated to give you their best. Every party, every time.

Q: How do I order?

1. Select a bachelorette party stripper
2. Choose your party date & time
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