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Happy Customer Reviews:

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  1. Mark brought the party to life at our bachelorette bash! His performance was entertaining and energetic, adding a lively touch to the celebration. Great show for a night filled with fun!

  2. An electrifying dance performance that added the perfect balance of entertainment and professionalism to our bachelorette celebration.

  3. Drake was phenomenal at our bachelorette party! His performance was a perfect blend of charisma and energy, making the night absolutely unforgettable. A five-star show for a fantastic celebration!

Top Reasons To Book Our Denver Strippers

Our professional adult entertainment strippers often get hired to besides Denver metro to other nearby places around Colorado like Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Arvada, Breckenridge, Thornton, Vail, Steamboat and Loveland.

We can help you with some of the heavy lifting in your event planning, and check-off one of the most important items, the stripper!

Whether for a birthday party or other special event once you rent a Denver stripper, everything else falls into place, putting you well on your way to creating those infamous stories you’ll be retelling for years to come!

Keep in mind, our professional Denver strippers have limited availability.

Best male strippers in denver.

Best male strippers in denver.

The best Denver adult entertainers are in high demand, getting more business than they can manage, it’s basic stripper economics if you throw the best entertainment parties in Colorado.

Last minute planning days before your private party is doable.  However, wanting to hire an A-list stripper at 10 p.m. the same evening, is difficult to impossible.

On the flip side, if hiring a cheap dancer is more important, you’ll likely be dealing with the less desirable ones who perform for $75 or less.

Imagine a 41 year old stripper with a drug or booze problem showing up to dance. No one will care about the money you saved.

And be prepared, most companies charge extra money for last minute stripper bookings, and yes you’re still going to get a less desirable B-list exotic dancer.

So, don’t get blamed for hiring average dancers, trust your instincts, stay away from a stripper agency that employs less desirable strippers.

The Best Denver Strippers are from Hunks & Babes Entertainment


Kelly ranks high with the guys as a hot female stripper in denver.

Hunks & Babes Denver is a stripper agency for the best dancers for bachelor parties in Denver

Their powerful, yet small team manages over 1,000 strippers and you can be sure they will provide you with the best services around when it comes to exotic dancers.

Hunks & Babes Denver has a passion when it comes to offering superior entertainment for a number of different events like birthday parties, stripper parties and all live stripper part events.

Their hand-picked and reliable dancers, along with over 20 years of experience in this industry has turned this agency into a firm favorite.

This agency uses well-thought-out and proven hiring strategies in order to consistently maintain the most elite workforce. The practices that they use include only hiring the very best candidates, eliminating and/or discipline the poor performers, and providing top-level training opportunities to assist with career development.

Order Your Denver Bachelor Party Strippers Now

Ordering Denver strippers for bachelor parties will be effortless, provided you are dealing with the best adult entertainment agency like Hunks & Babes Denver. Even though this is a process that you might not be familiar with, it is easy and fun.

Checkout our female strippers for hire in denver.

Checkout our female strippers for hire in denver.

The first step will be to choose your city or the city that is closest. We service nearby places around Colorado like Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Arvada, Breckenridge, Thornton, Vail, Steamboat and Loveland.

From here click on the Babe icon to view the Denver strippers that are available in your area.

When you find one or more dancers that appeal to you, click on each of their profile pages. Once you have chosen the stripper that you would like for the bachelor party, on this same page:

-Choose the date of the bachelor party

-Choose the time you would like the stripper to perform

-Click on the BOOK NOW icon

-Prices For Female Strippers

Here is a breakdown of the prices to book a female stripper:

1. Babe Level (Common)

Topless Waitress

With this option, one girl will serve your guest cocktails topless for 1 hour. This is an option that is suitable for sports events, poker parties, or to get your guests ready for the main event.

Standard Show

This is the ideal choice for a number of occasions. You will get one girl that will perform a professional show where she strips down until she is fully nude. From here she will make the guests at a bachelor party feel important with a few party tricks, lap dances, and more. You also have the choice to give your stripper a tip if you would like her to take things to the next level. Although it is recommended to go for the Fantasy upgrade if you want more X-rated stuff.

2. Babe Level 2 (Popular)

Fantasy Show

These shows are a bit more interactive when compared to the Standard performance and include an hour and a half performance. The girl you have chosen will bring along adult toys that she will demonstrate on herself along with a strip routine. You can either allow all your guests to watch or you can request a tease/dance for the bachelor parties (guest of honor).

Two Girl Fantasy Show

This is the more popular bachelor parties option. In fact, this is the event that made us so famous.

Hunks & Babes Denver created this signature and original performance to match up to demanding customers.

With this option, you get to choose your Denver stripper and she will interact with a partner that she feels the closest with.

This is an extreme girl-on-girl lesbian extravaganza and one of the best additions you can add to your party.


Mia is one of the hottest female strippers for hire in denver.

In addition, you are able to write notes about anything thing you feel is important about your party when you reach the Checkout page.

This will provide you with the best service possible as the agency is then able to coordinate the dancers to suit your schedule.

Tips For Hiring Denver Strippers for Bachelorette Parties

After the success of Magic Mike, more and more women want to have Denver strippers perform at their bachelorette parties.

If you’re interested in hiring bachelorette party strippers for a major event, there are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

Aaron is one of the hottest male strippers for hire in denver.

Aaron is one of the hottest male strippers for hire in denver.

Book Denver Exotic Dancers as Soon as Possible

The longer you wait to hire a stripper for a party, the fewer choices you’ll have. If you wait until the last possible minute, you might not even be able to book a private dancer at all.

If you want to have plenty of choices, you’ll want to book a Denver stripper sooner rather than later. Put down a deposit so that you’ll be able to hire the hottest guys for your event right away.

There’s no reason to put this off. Wait too long, and you might not be able to plan a great party.

Make Sure You Hire Denver Bachelor Party Strippers

You’ll want to make sure the strippers dancing at this bachelorette party are absolutely incredible.

Not all Denver strippers that are available to dance at private events are gorgeous, have incredible bodies, are talented, charming, and fun to be around.

If you want to make sure you have amazing exotic dancers at your party, you’re going to want to hire the best strippers through Hunks & Babes Entertainment Denver.


Hire male stripper charlie in denver for your bachelorette party.

When you work with this company, you’ll get great entertainers that look amazing.

This is the best place to find entertainers for your party are the Denver strippers from Hunks & Babes Entertainment Denver.

Give Denver Bachelorette Party Strippers Special Instructions

One of the biggest perks of hiring private dancers for a party is that you’ll be able to give strippers extra instructions. For example, if the woman of honor is a little on the shy side, you’ll want to let the stripper know. He’ll find ways to coax her out of his shell.

If there’s a specific song you want to see a stripper dance to, or if you’d like the dancer to wear a specific color, feel free to make those kinds of requests. You should make sure this bachelorette party is everything you want it to be and more.

Take The Time To Confirm The Party Location

On the day of the bachelorette party, you should call ahead and make sure that the stripper has the right address for the party. Double check down to the last detail.

Make sure that the stripper knows exactly where they should be going, including the hotel room number.

If your stripper doesn’t know where he’s supposed to be, he might not show up for the party on time. This means he’ll have less time to perform for you. Mistakes happen, which is why it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Hot male strippers denver

Ryan puts on a hot male stripper show in denver.

Tip Your Dancers

In order to dance, strippers need music. Strippers bring the perfect performance music with them to parties, but before they can play those songs, they’ll need a place to plug any electronic devices in. Make sure that there’s a free outlet available so that nothing will get in the way of dancing.

Strippers have specific songs that they’re comfortable dancing to, so simply providing access to Spotify won’t be enough. If you want to get the best possible performance from a stripper, make sure they have an empty outlet they can use.

You’ll want everyone at your bachelor party to stock up on one-dollar bills ahead of time. When you have money for tips, you’ll be able to get even more out of your dancers. Most of the dancers at Hunks & Babes Denver have extra tricks that they’ll show off in exchange for a tip.

Dancers want to earn tips, and if the guests at the party bring money for tips, you’ll get to see a performance that will blow your mind. A lot of people assume that you only need to bring singles when you’re going to a strip club, but this isn’t actually true.

You’ll want singles for private parties as well.

Hiring Denver strippers for bachelorette parties can be intense, especially if you’ve never planned a party before. However, if you book your strippers through Hunks & Babes Entertainment Denver, you can expect to have a smooth experience.

You’ll have an easy time hiring a stripper in Denver metro, and the dancer you book will be nothing short of spectacular.


Brad is one of our most sexy male strippers in denver.

Planning ahead for your event has many advantages, including securing our signature performance of Hunks & Babes 2 Girl Fantasy Show.

This is an extremely intense private show you and your friends will not want to miss! All of our female Denver exotic strippers are trained to perform this special show, but don’t wait till the last minute.

Procrastination is your worst enemy, leaving you with a B-list stripper, or worse yet, you and the guys watching bachelor party porn.

Liquor, lodging, food, entertainment, limousine, and tipping for your party can add up to $1000 or more. Don’t be afraid to ask the guys to pitch in well BEFORE your event to help cover costs, it’s common and your credit cards will thank you!

Don’t get caught with your pants down, pick your favorite Denver strippers for hire for your event from Hunks & Babes Denver.

Denver Bachelorette Party Entertainment

Ladies, your friends know that you are a rock star at finding deals, and that’s why they put you in charge of the bachelorette party planning! They are also counting on you for a bachelorette party gone wild kind a night, including an exotic dancer from a trusted stripper agency.

This is not widely known, but each striptease artist in every town is independent, and nearly all dancers miss work if a different agency is shelling out more money.

The “Marlon Teixeira” you booked Saturday night at 10 p.m. for $140 is not coming because he has a 10 p.m. for $225.

Why let an extra $30 to $60 ruin the chance of you and your friends of having the ultimate bachelorette party experience?

So, who pays for bachelorette party activities, often everyone is asked to contribute. Don’t be afraid to ask your gal pals to pitch in, your credit cards will thank you!

What are you waiting for, pick your favorite Denver strippers for your event from Hunks & Babes Denver.

Denver Exotic Stripper Specialists

Find real female strippers in denver here. Meet cami.

Find real female strippers in denver here. Meet cami.

We deliver to you our best dancers in Denver for all occasions at affordable prices, specializing in strippers for hire for your bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Your rent a stripper experience is important to us! In addition to a rigorous hiring process, all of our strippers go through a 15-point background check.

Nicki is totally hot. The guys loved how she pretended to be shy and then really blew our minds. A total professional.

We take every measure to ensure you get Denver exotic strippers that are:

-the most professional and friendly
-extremely fun and entertaining
-exceptional dancers

What are you waiting for, pick your Denver strippers now!

And, we only display real strippers with real photos on our site–so you can browse and shop with confidence. But wait, here are 5 tips to get your Denver strippers to stay longer (if you like them):

-Always tip a bit before the performance.
-Save all the singles for throughout the show.
-Value your strippers schedule even if they were late.
-Start right away, strippers don’t like to wait around.
-Include your stripper in a toast to the guest of honor.

Hire the BEST Stripper
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Here is our service area for Denver 2024:

Frequently Asked Questions

When searching strippers for hire near me...

Q: How much does it cost to hire exotic dancers?

The average price is $300 not including tips. Your actual total depends on any upgrades and how far your party location is.

Q: What are some crazy bachelorette party games?

Top 6 games are: Newlywed Game, Scavenger Hunt, "Drink If" Game, Lingerie Shower Bingo, Suck-for-a-Buck, and Bachelorette Jenga.

Q: How do I make a bachelor party more exciting?

Avoid planning a regular night out. Get the bachelor’s bucket-list of things HE wants to do but never has, and start there. Also keep your plans top secret because anticipation is part of the experience.

Q: How much is a lap dance at a strip club?

Most lap dances cost around $20 and last about 2+ minutes.

Q: How much do female dancers make?

“On a good weekend I make $1250 plus tips, averaging about $60,000 a year. I mostly just work on Saturdays” - Holly (works at private strip club)

Q: Which dance parties does your agency provide service for?

Any and every occasion including: Bachelor, Bachelorette, Birthdays, Divorce Party, and Office Parties. The first 3 cover 98% of all our bookings.