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There is nothing quite like bachelor party that can a temporary hold on wedding planning. In order to prevent this from happening, there needs to be clear communication between the couple. In fact, before an evening filled with female strippers arrives, there are some topics that should be discussed upfront.


City of Denver is buying a strip club on East Colfax


The city of Denver is in the process of permanently shutting down the East Colfax neighborhood’s last strip club, according to Councilman Chris Herndon.


The city government is in negotiations to buy the club formerly known as PT’s All Nude II and before that as Saturdays, Herndon said. The site eventually

Herndon said that the city has signed a letter of understanding with the property owner and that a purchase appears to be imminent for 8315 East Colfax Ave, though city staff cautioned that it’s not a sure thing.

“We bought PT’s. It’s not going to sit there,” the northeastern Denver councilman explained at a neighborhood association meeting. “It’s going to be something.”

A letter of intent generally is not binding, but Herndon sounded confident that the deal would happen. “We want that purchase completed by September,” he said.

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What About Lap Dances?

If the very thought of any other woman dancing around and touching her man makes a bride-to-be upset and angry, she should tell him about it. A fully clothed lap dance is one thing, but it may be more difficult to accept a completely nude one.

This is why it is important for brides-to-be to make their feelings known. This way, each partner will know what the other one expects and that is one of the keys to a healthy and long marriage.

What About Private Parties?

While she may be okay with the idea of a strip club and possibly even a lap dance, how does she feel about a bachelor party for her man with a room full of hot strippers?

These are known a private bachelor parties. The party organizer will hire one or more private female strippers to dance for the bachelor and his groomsmen in a hotel room or some other location.

This is a situation that makes many brides-to-be very nervous and upset. However, there are some who would not mind as long as they are able to voice their concerns to the groom-to-be and they both come up with a way for their wishes to be respected.

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What About Private Dances?

Almost every strip club has a ‘back room’ or a Champagne room where customers can pay for to have access for a private dance from a certain female stripper. Some couples are totally against this idea, and there are others who are open for the other one to try new experiences.

Even though neither viewpoint is better or more valid than the other, once again, clear communication is necessary so thoughts and feelings can be expressed openly and without judgement.

It may also be a good idea to research what does and does not happen in these types of rooms, as well as what the law is depending on the jurisdiction where the strip club is located. It is never good to hear about things after they have happened that makes a bride-to-be uncomfortable or angry.

So, if he is going to have a bachelor party with real female strippers, how should the bride-to-be handle it?

Although it may be little comfort at the time, it is important for brides-to-be to know that they are not the first one to have every been in this situation. Even though the media has made bachelor parties equivalent to full orgies, in fact, real bachelor parties are typically more mundane.

Nicky wants to party with you and your friends

Allow Him To Have His Bachelor Party Night

If your soon-to-be-husband insists on having a bachelor party, you do not have to turn into the latest bridezilla. Instead, allow him to get some female strippers for hire if he wants to.

Although the bride may be thinking that it is going to be a night filled with unspeakable things, most guys want to have a bachelor party as a way of relieving their stress before the big day and to prove to their friends that they are still ‘one of them’ even though he is planning to get married.

The Unexpected May Happen

Bachelor parties have changed over the past few decades. No longer are men simply doing the traditional thing by hiring female strippers and drinking beer.

These days, bachelor parties are as varied as the men who are getting married. For example, some grooms prefer going fly-fishing or white water rafting with their friends.

For those who choose to remain close to home, they may want to do something unconventional as well like shooting paintball or even going to a local brewery.

Communication is the key when it comes to female strippers for hire, bachelor parties and other factors that are associated with the two. There needs to clear communication about the relationship. When both individuals know they can trust the other, that will be the foundation for many happily married years together.

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