Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, who was arrested on his return to Russia last weekend, has claimed a stripper lounge, casino, and a theater are among a series of luxurious rooms inside President Putin’s £1billion ‘palace.’

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The 91,500 sq. ft home comes with a 32,000 sq. ft outbuilding, 21,000 sq. ft of stables and 15 acres of land complete with helipad and its own forest, The palace is located in a luxury development that is already home to the country’s most-expensive house – which is now dwarfed by the new construction.

It comprises ‘stately residences, reminiscent of country castles’ and is home to several billionaires.

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“The main room is also equipped with a large stage and an extraordinary thing: the stage has an elevator with a pole for exotic dancers,” the video narrator says in mock confusion, appearing to suggest it resembles the setup of a strip club. We cannot imagine what a pole on a stage is for.

The estate is estimated to be 39 times the size of Monaco, and also includes a church and strippers lounge fitted with a lap dancers’ pole,

The leaked floor plans of Putin’s lavish property on Russia’s southern Black Sea coast have been used to draw up artists’ impressions of the palace’s interior.

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Astonishing 3D images of the estate’s interior allege ‘Putin’s palace’ features an arcade room with slot machines and a dance mat, a spa and a theater inside the mansion, along with an underground ice rink and even vineyards in the grounds.

“There is one place where you can understand everything about Vladimir Putin. This is the most guarded place in Russia, in fact, a state within a state, and this is Putin’s biggest secret. Which is protected by hundreds, even thousands of people – from unknown guards, gardeners and builders to the richest and most famous people in Russia,” an excerpt from Navlny’s blog read.

“The Kremlin’s attacks against Mr. Navalny and its sustained crackdown on the freedoms of all Russians are yet another sign of a regime that is lacking confidence is so paranoid that it is unwilling to tolerate any criticism or dissent, Austrian said.

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