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Male Strippers Cause ‘Got Talent’ Judge To Run Around Screaming After A Wardrobe Malfunction

A spicy audition on Got Talent Spain last year caused one of the judges to lose her mind in one of the craziest moments we have ever seen on a talent show. It also involves one of the clumsiest stripteases ever.

Male strippers in spain

The group auditioning is called solos ante el peligro (alone in the face of danger)

Male Strippers On Spain’s Got Talent

The group of seven men, aged 22 to 60, reportedly have various jobs – from police officer to genetic biologist. ‘We are wolves in sheep’s clothing,’ they said before their audition.

The men started their performance in jeans, T-shirts, and cowboy hats. They started thrusting their hips and eventually ripped their shirts off. When they removed their belts, Got Talent judge Paz Padilla screamed and Risto Mejide hit his red buzzer.

It’s interesting that they can call these amateurs “strippers”. I guess anyone can strip, but what kind of show can they pull off by themselves in front of a bunch of hot horny screaming women out for a fun night. Oh, and they don’t exactly have the kind of body a woman wants to undress… so, keeping it fun and for mass entertainment, this kind of show is fun for some people, the ones who want the bachelorette parties are going to call Hunks & Babes Strippers tonight for their stripper party.

Dwayne Haskins caught maskless with strippers, future deservedly in jeopardy

So apparently, Washington Football Team quarterback Dwayne Haskins likes strippers more than his career. After losing to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Haskins decided to party it up — maskless — with some ladies at a local jiggle joint.

Dwayne haskins caught maskless with strippers

Is this Dwayne Haskins? I really hope not. These women are all wearing Washington #7 shirts yesterday, and that certainly does look like #7 himself partying maskless last night with strippers after the game.

Dwayne is a smart guy, he gets out there and doesnt let this fake pandemic hold him back. Its speculation at this point whether that was really Dwayne at that stripper party, but who cares really.. I bet there are a bunch more guys out there having fun at stripper events, getting lap dances and spreading the love all over…

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Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson admits she misses working as a stripper and ‘having a laugh and drinks with the clients’

Love island's megan barton hanson admits she misses working as a stripper

She recently vowed to start ‘dressing like a nun’ in the New Year in hopes of finding her future partner. But Megan Barton Hanson appeared to change her tune on Monday as she confirmed on Instagram that she misses elements of her previous job as a stripper.

The former Love Islander, 26, suggested that she might perform a strip show on her Only Fans, amid reports that she earns as much as £800,000 a month from the X-rated subscription platform.

I guess when you have money, talent (uhhuh) and.. did I say money.. and a rich BFF who loves you for your great lips and mind.. (uhhuh) well, nuff said about that. Ms. Hanson is just a great entrepreneur if you ask us, then again, she loves capitalism and did vote for .. who did she vote for?   guess we’ll find out later..

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