Apart from Brett and Olivia, viewers also can’t stop talking about Romain and Mary. Romain was quick to confess that his actions weren’t appropriate during the party, thus sparking questions about him and his realtor wife, Mary Fitzgerald.

Romain Bonnet is a popular face in Selling Sunset, but he lied to his wife regarding an incident at Brett’s bachelor party.

This gave rise to rumors that all isn’t well between Romain and Mary and that the former was cheating on his wife.


Although things were going well for Romain and Mary in season 1 and 2, the latest season has brought up many questions about their relationship. Mary wants to start a family with her partner but they also need to find a bigger house.

But these two problems aren’t the only thing that’s disturbing the couple. They now have trust issues after the sketchy incident at Brett’s bachelor party.

Mary recently came to know that Roman had lied to her about something that happened at the part in Las Vegas. Mary had repeatedly asked Romain not to bring any girls into the hotel roomed that Brett and Jason booked for the occasion.

Apparently, there were girls in the room, but her husband didn’t share this information with her. Does that mean Romain is cheating on Mary? Is Mary’s doubts regarding Romain logical enough? Or, did Romain marry her just for her money?

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Romain and Mary put an end to all the rumors by speaking openly about their relationship.

The 27-year old Selling Sunset star defended his actions by saying that he didn’t want her partner to stress because she was super-busy with the wedding planning.

Even Mary confirmed in her interview with Refinery29 that the wedding planning was so exhausting that she hardly had any time left for her.

She believed in her husband 1000% and trusted him on not doing anything with the girls during the party in Las Vegas.

She even defended her husband by saying that the girls commented that Romain was the rudest person in the group because he didn’t even come close to them.

They recognized him as the Selling Sunset hero but that didn’t influence Romain to do anything unethical. Although Mary believes Romain, she isn’t too particularly happy that he lied to her.

It was a tough pill for her to digest.

Romain, though, wanted to clarify that he lied to Mary because she was all stressed out. He didn’t want the incident to cause more trouble. Unfortunately, Romain’s plan didn’t work.

In retrospect, Romain now thinks that it would have been better to tell her than to lie the whole time. Lying wasn’t worth going through the pain that they are experiencing right now.

Although the show didn’t properly reveal the end of the couple’s conflict, Romain and Mary publicly confirmed that they were back together.

Romain said that Mary had a word with Jason about everything that happened that night. Even though the cast and crew filmed their conversation, they didn’t air the same on the show.

The producers now want to focus on two of the major plots this season: Christine’s wedding and Chrishell Stause’s divorce.