The Glamour, Grit And Camaraderie Of Houston’s Strippers

Photographer and an art director Adrienne Raquel who lives only half an hour from the famed strip club Onyx, who dancers are subject of her upcoming exhibition at Fotografiska on April 22 in New York. She added that she had to come home and just re-ground.

Her show captures the personal style and spirit of the club’s exotic dancer both on the stage and also behind the scenes in the form of portraits that range from atmospheric action shots to hyper-detailed close-ups.


She also added, “I’ve always had an interest in strip culture, but from afar,she says, I’m naturally a very shy, introverted person, definitely not part of the lifestyle.”

However, her photos convey the uniquely hazy melding fantasy and reality associated with the strip clubs. Despite the pandemic, Raquel had her busiest year of her career, mainly because she is one of the most-in-demand young photographers right now. Some of her star-studio portfolio boasts images of Lil Nas X, Lizzo, and Selena Gomez along with Travis Scott and Megan Thee Stallion for GQ.

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Raquel said that she was after something little more “raw” than her usually posed and polished shots in the Club Onyx series. However, she cannot help making the glamorous images. She added, “I really wanted these to be like gritty, but they still came out so beautiful and delicate and vibrant”.

In one of her candy-colored glow of her photos, the dancer’s nails gleam and their lip-gloss shines. Moreover, the sweat on their backs reflect a resplendent light in her images. Not to mention this is something that is achieved with a full lighting crew in place.

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Two Arrested In Hiring A 16-Year Old Stripper

A mom in extreme worry called the cops to inquire about her 16-year old daughter who ran away on Monday. The search led the cops to an unlicensed bar in the southwest Houston where they found that her daughter was hired for $50 a night to a strip.

Police took action and arrested the two men namely Destin Spearman and Saadiq Holmes who were running the place. Also charges of harmful employment to children were lodged on both of them.

The court records tell that the mother learned of her missing daughter’s whereabouts via video, which was shared to Spearman’s Instagram page. In the footage she saw performing in a thong with some other strippers and the cash was littered all over the floor as per the recording.

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