Texas Strip Club Hosts Drive-Thru Event With Socially Distanced Strippers & Dancers

It’s not been long when a Texas strip club hosted a drive-thru event where the performers danced for their customers while maintaining the social distance. The club setup a drive-thru in their parking lot where they had dancers perform on the stages and the customers were told to stay in their cars.

The manager of the club said, “Texas Strip Club Hosts Drive-Thru Event With Socially Distanced Strippers & Dancers. The DJ would play two songs and the girls would dance on the stages. Guys were able to throw out some money. We had some buckets out there they can put some ones in, while you sit in your car social distancing.”

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He also added that he wanted to do something unique for his employees because the club has been shut and they don’t know for how long. So, events like a drive-thru is a great way for his employees to make money.

The manager Cortez also said, “We did not think it was going to be that lucrative for the club. This was mostly for the entertainers, the independent contractors that work for us to come out and try to make a little more money and try to have a good time.”


Overall, it was a three night event that took place over the weekend. Although they didn’t confirm any dates for the next event, the manager said that it will take place again in the near future.


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Not to mention that during the lockdowns, strippers have struggled a lot and almost all of them have gone out of employment benefits. Many of them were not being paid by their employers mainly because the clubs were closed.

A success coach for strippers named Chase Kelly told Forbes, “We are all out of work. There is little our clubs will do to help us. Still, some have been incredible. I’ve seen clubs that post their entertainers’ social media profiles, OnlyFans links, and payment info online, which is really important because many of our regulars have no idea how to contact us.

“I’ve seen other clubs go silent, and a friend of mine’s club refuses to pay her out money she’s owed from past shifts, and she can’t go after it aggressively because she needs the work when reopening finally occurs.”

More and more strip clubs are coming up with new ways to help out their employees make a living for themselves. Many clubs adopted the same pattern as this club did by applying social distance guidelines and setting up strippers in the drive-thru while the customers stayed in their cars.

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Skeleton Strippers Dancing Outside A Texas Home Raise Eyebrows At HOA

A homeowner in Texas says that he saw skeleton strippers dancing outside his home. It was the idea of a Texas woman who cleverly displayed Halloween themed show that amused many of her friends. However, this didn’t amuse the homeowners association.

This was displayed outside Richmond home of Angela Nava, which featured skeletons in wigs dancing in a makeshift strip club. Not to mention these skeletons sure had there moves.

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Neva added, “We’ve all been cooped up and it’s been just a terrible year,” Nava said. “We’ve just decided if this brings a little bit of joy and a little bit of smiles to someone, then we’re doing everything right.”

However, the homeowners association told her that the display was distasteful. Read full story here.

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