Midgets Who Are Becoming Giants

From Bangkok to Brazil, London to Los Angeles little people strippers are finding their foothold and quickly becoming more accepted into the world of large people. In a misunderstood landscape wherein rather short men are knocked around and judged if they’re below 6ft.

Dwarf who struggled to get a date lands dream job getting paid to strip for adoring women

It has been a challenge not only physically, but mentally and emotionally to meet and greet life as you know it. It seems the tables are turning now, short people (little people) also called dwarfs, and midgets are becoming more accepted and respected in the last few years.

Like this male midget stripper, it is no longer happening for Shane Belgre, who has dwarfism and comes in at 4ft 2in.. Shane, 46, has had the closing snort; landing his dream activity as a stripper and now being inundated with affection from ladies.

Little person strippers at a night club in a batman costume

Looking for midget strippers for hire

Shane, one of the most well known dwarf strippers from Australia, commenced making his short stature his stripping niche seven years ago whilst a friend asked him to strip off as a wonder at a fowl party.


What’s Next For This Famous Little Stripper

Now the self-employed teacher regularly makes money for a half hour strip show, and might go to five parties a night to entertain ladies who ‘go nuts’ for his sculpted abs. Shane is now a famous midget stripper online and is totally fine with his size.

And in conjunction with creating a load of money stripping, Shane says he’s inundated with requests for dates, in addition to his sexual hobby from ladies with fetishes. Shane says  “now i’m able to select up women a lot less complicated because I’m confident, and they prefer my persona.”

Read more about Shane here:

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