Getting Your Party On In Phoenix

An Arizona man who was accidentally invited to a Vermont bachelor party due to a typo has returned after a weekend of fireworks, ski crashes, and 3am mosh pits.

Will Novak, 35, became a social media sensation when he told the story of how he hilariously ended up on the guest list for Angelo Onello’s bachelor party.

Arizona man at bachelor party

Novak had received an email meant for a different Will Novak in New York, but the party decided to let him come anyway – after vetting him on Facebook, of course. Now Novak has returned from his weekend away with the boys, documenting their shenanigans on Twitter and Instagram for thousands of fans.

Top Trends in Bachelor Parties

If you have a bachelor party coming up in the near future, or if you are the person planning it, it is important for you to go all out. There is only one opportunity for a groom to enjoy a bachelor party.

Therefore, you need to think carefully about how you are going to pull the entire celebration together. When it comes to bachelor parties, there are a few trends that are rising to the surface. What are a few of the trends that you should keep in mind?

Scottsdale 1 by experience scottsdale

One of the top places to throw a bachelor party in Arizona is in the city of Scottsdale. Known for it’s classy presence in the Phoenix area, this trending hotspot for a private stripper party has everyone booking strippers for their event in many of the top hotels in the city.

90 Day Fiancé’ Tell-All: Yara Breaks Down After Seeing Jovi Go to a Private Room With a Stripper

In one of the most brutal moments during part one of the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 tell-all that aired on Sunday on TLC, Yara saw her now-husband, Jovi, go into a private room with a stripper during the time she was pregnant with their first child and the night before their wedding.

90dayhero 1

Earlier in the season, Jovi’s friend, Sara, already told Yara of Jovi’s partying past, which included frequent visits to strip clubs and sleeping with strippers.

Yara and Jovi also fought all season long over Jovi’s drinking, which he insisted was not out of control.

During the tell-all, it became apparent that Yara and Jovi didn’t watch themselves on TV, since Yara was heartbroken when she saw footage of Jovi at his bachelor party, when a stripper named Carter sat on his lap and the two later retreated upstairs for a private dance.

see on twitter


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